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Our brand new Music Channels

It’s been a while since we started promoting artists and their music, in the 5 years since Videohub as a project started, we managed to promote over 200 artists and get over 350.000.000 views.

” We felt the need to do more, but in a new format that allows us to do things properly. “

Dragos Andrei – Founder Infinity Videohub

YouTube kept changing over the past years, making things difficult for creators and promoters like us. The Content ID system has improved dramatically and most of the music that is being remixed gets a claim within seconds. This makes it difficult for us to be able to keep promoting remixes on our main channels.

That is the reason why we have created the “Music Only” channels. The sole purpose of these channels is to be able to promote music without having it affect our core business. Now we are able to help artists boost their confidence with remixes and then we can take things to the next level by promoting original content on our main channels. The fans get great music, playlists and content, we get to impact the world in a positive way and the artists get more recognition and are more empowered to create.

Rebranding to “Infinity Videohub”

As Infinity has long passed “Videohub” in subscribers, fans and content, we have decided to include it in our company name as well. We have analyzed searches and interest from you, our fans and in order to make it easier for you to find our pages on all the search engines, we have now added the “Infinity” on all our accounts.

Some more Music Uploads for you to listen to

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